Supreme Football




Supreme Football Crew specialises in choreographing an attention grabbing performance to suit your event. Collectively, Supreme have performed for leading brands such as Nike, Adelaide United F.C, Glendi Greek Festival, and many more.


Where darts meets football, Footdart is the latest innovation we offer to bring the game to whole new level. Whether indoors or outdoors Footdart can get anyone kicking a ball.


If you're looking for football entertainment at a slower pace, look no further. Footpool is the latest hybrid game between snooker and football. This will definitely keep your audiences on the edge of their game.

Performance COACHING

At Supreme Football, we believe quality over quantity! That's why we are highly regarded in keeping the ratio of coach to athletes small and consistent. Our specialized programs covers training young athletes in agility, balance, coordination, vision and psycho-motor skills. Whether it's pre-season or an individualized tailored session you're looking for, we will have you prepared for beautiful game!